CAS Notes

EarnUp is a consumer-first financial technology platform that intelligently automates loan payment scheduling and provides savings options to prepare for homeownership.

The CAS Notes tool allows EarnUp's agents to update and keep track of customer account changes.



Sharon Langevin - Product Manager
Me - Product Designer
Zackary Stallings  - Lead FE Developer


User Research
Information Architecture
Visual Design/Prototype

Tools & Software


Problem Definition

CAS agents are overwhelmed by a large volume of notes for customers. With a combination of system-created notes, feed of Zoho comments, and agent-created notes, agents are finding it more difficult to search for the information they need. This has also caused agents to miss key points in a customer’s call history.

Our high level goals were to:

01 Improve the usability of CAS notes so that agents can quickly get up to speed on a customer and their accounts

02 Decrease time spent searching for relevant notes

03 Provide better organization for notes for future customer data points

My Role

I led the complete design and research process in collaboration with 1 Product Manager.  The new CAS designs are set for development in January 2021.


Observational Study

To kickoff design for this project, my PM and I discussed the design requirements to ensure alighnment with the overarching business goals.  I then started the initial design phase by doing an audit of the current state of CAS notes and scheduling observation sessions with agents. By observing agents in customer calls, I would be better able to identify the usability problems agents were facing. After an hour-long observational study, I identified the following:

01 Accessibility

Notes exist in a quickly accessible drawer, which works well with the agents workflow. On a customer call, they initially verify the customer’s identity, confirm why they are calling, and then look into the customer notes for previous activity

02 Search and Filter

Agents experience scroll fatigue from the lack of note categorization, search, and filtering. System-generated notes and Zoho comments add to visual noise, extending the call, and causing impatience for both parties.

03 Multitasking

Agents experience scroll fatigue from the lack of note categorization, search, and filtering. System-generated notes and Zoho comments add to visual noise, extending the call, and causing impatience for both parties.

04 Standardization

Agent-created notes have no standardization and visual hierarchy, making it harder for agents to skim quickly and identify the note type.

How we got there

Information Architecture

I explored different design solutions quickly with low-fidelity mocks that focused on addressing the problem areas identified above. The drawer component was effective for having agents multi-task but there were ways it’s usability could be improved with search and filter and standardization.

Search and Filter

Agents will need to search through notes to more quickly access agent-generated notes and distinguish them from system-generated and Zoho ticket notes. Sorting was determined to be less important here as agents would be mainly concerned with more recent notes.

option a
option B

To make searching/filtering easier for agents and expand filtering capabilities in the future, I aimed to help standardize agent-generated notes with the new design. I explored different design features that could achieve this, including wrap-up codes, note types, and templates.

option a
option B

User FeedBack

Preference Testing

Before moving forward with the final design, I decided to conduct a preferece test with agents to determine which features would prove most helpful to them in their workflow. In a research group, I was able to gather some of the following feedback from agents:

Search and Filter
Option B is more immediate.
It [option B] seems very straightforward.
Option A would be nice if we had more filtering options.

Participants in the sessions of preference testing overwhelmingly chose Option B for the ease of access to filtering and the familiarity of the search box.

I don’t often use templates, but I do like the expansion of Option A.

While the current guidelines offered to agents when writing notes were not widely used, agents within the preference test did acknowledge that more detailed template offerings and seeing options clearly laid out would be more encouraging to agents than other options like the dropdown. Wrap-up codes, while widely encouraged by agents, would be harder to implement without first developing some form of categorization so it was tabled for later implementation.

The Design

CAS Notes


The notes panel is easily accessible to agents when navigating to a customer’s account. After verifying the customer’s identity, an agent can quickly review the most recent notes for that account and are better equipped to address any customer complaints or inquiries.

Search and Filter

Agents are able to conduct quick and efficient search and filter capabilities within the notes panel. They are able to filter out any irrelevant details related to the customer’s call such as system-generated notes and Zoho comments.


With the help of the engineering team, the notes panel allows agents to multitask with other features, automatically saving any agent entries, even as they navigate to new pages or open other panels.


With the introduction of templates depending on the customer’s inquiry, the new notes panel helps to standardize agent-generated notes. With a standardardized formatting, notes will be more scannable, reducing cognitive load for users. In future, this will also allow the panel to expand filtering options.